Random Observations on Life

Random Observations on Life

Over time, owners do resemble their dogs!

This is a blog about a dog. Well not really. This is the more about the ramblings of the dog's dutiful owner, Blue's Dad. Although Blue might be the backdrop of this whole experiment, there's no telling where this trail will lead me. I apologize ahead of time for the randomness of my observations. I've always tended to color outside the lines.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kids and Kars

When a person buys a new car, they usually go to several dealers to find the perfect automobile. There are so many options to choose from: Style, exterior color, interior color, style of wheels, sound system, options, engine, etc. The buyer usually shops for days before they find a car with the perfect combination.

Having a child is NOT like buying a car, although sometimes I think we think it is. Early in our life as a parent, we expect our kids to be just like we order, with all the options WE want. But as life goes on (and if we wise up), we find that our kids are not just our little creations to make into what we want them to be. They are unique children of our Heavenly Father, all with different talents and struggles and amazing highs and lows that make them who they are. Children are not just little versions of us that we can make, mold and shape like a cute clay statue to put on the shelf, they are capable of molding themselves unless we don't give them the opportunity and support. Some children come with seeming defects that turn out to be great opportunities to shine. Some reach their potential easily and sometimes their potential is in places we would've never thought to look.

Instead of going to the dealership, having kids is more like someone dropping a car of their choice at our doorstep. Life and time usually shows that what we were given turns out much better than what we would have picked out ourselves!

I'm thankful for the kars I was given!

What do you think?


Lisa said...

I am grateful for my late model kars, too. I'm afraid they are past warranty, so I hope everything turns out okay. I anticipate a lot of bumps in the road ahead of us with the many varieties we have. I am still amazed how unique each one is as well given they were all purchased at the same dealer!

Great observations again, Randy!

PJ said...

My first Kar was sweet, and easy as a baby. I thought, "I am so good at motherhood...I could have 10."

My second Kar cried 24/7 and challenged me at every turn. Being humbled taught me that it wasn't as much about me as it was the unique children I was given.

By loving each of them uniquely, I better understand Heavenly Fathers love for imperfect me:)

glen said...

I'm also thankful YOU got THOSE kars to.
You did well my little brudder.

Lloyd said...

I love your blog!! You always make such good sense and give me things to think about. You sure have some great kars in your life, and we love them too.
The old lady in ER